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CM Pictures is dedicated to the development of independent films.

Leading systematic distribution system and marketing.

- Behind the Scenes

​Our Motto


A film produced/distributed with its own know-how

New Attempts to Stay Out of the Existing Method

Endless efforts for the globalization 

Past. Present. Future


       ㆍ<Black list> (Director kim Sung Han) investment/production/distribution

       ㆍ<Fundamentalist> (Director Go Bong Soo) distribution

       ㆍ<Shape of heart> (Director Go Bong Soo) distribution

       ㆍ<The Last Snow in Seoul> (Director Park Min Woo)investment/production/distribution

       <INCEPTION(temporary title)> (Director Lee Bum) investment/production/distribution


       ㆍ Italian Film Company's Open Reel Business Agreements and Imports, distribution

       ㆍ Norway Film Company's Northen FILM Group AS Business Agreements and Imports, distribution

       ㆍ<Senveno, Pyeong-chang> (Director Kwak Dong chul) Invited to 11th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

       ㆍ<Masterpiece> (Director Choi Jin Wook) distribution

       <Wish you were here (Director Go Bong Soo) distribution

       ㆍ<Disaster life> (Director Baek Ji Hoon) distribution

       ㆍ<Daejeon Romantic comedy> (Director Bae Ki Won) distribution

       ㆍ<Wish you were here> (Director Go Bong Soo) Invited to 20th Jeonju International Film Festival

       ㆍ<Shape of heart> (Director Go Bong Soo) investment

       ㆍ<A drunken story> (Director Han Jae Bin) distribution

       ㆍ<Senveno, Pyeong-chang> (Director Kwak Dong Chul) distribution

       ㆍ<Seoul-in> (Director Kwak Dong Chul) distribution

       ㆍ<Fundamentalist> (Director Go Bong Soo) investment

       <Director Go's shorts films> (Director Go Bong Soo) distribution

       ㆍ<The funeral to Heaven> (Director Jung Tae Sung) post-production/distribution

       ㆍ<Yearning> (Director Yoon Ung Dae) distribution

       <Still summer> (Director Yoon Hyung Chul) distribution

       ㆍ<Chang-eun> (Director Yoon Ji Hye) distribution

2017 ~ 2018


       ㆍ Argentina Film Company's Vista Sul Business Agreements and Imports, distribution

       ㆍ Mongolia Film Company's Digital Content Business Agreements and Imports, distribution

       American Film Company's QK Pictures Business Agreements and Imports, distribution

       <Grendel > (Director Yoon Han Min) distribution

       <Fan> (Director Maneesh Sharma) Invited to the Busan International Film Festival

       <Fan> (Director Maneesh Sharma) distribution

       <Schoolgirl> (Director Noh Hong Sik) distribution

2015 ~ 2016


       <For your youth> (Director Jeong Hoon) distribution

       ㆍ Indian Film Company's Yash Raj Films Business Agreements and Imports, distribution 

       <Sultan> (Director  Ali Abbas Zafar) Invited to the Busan International Film Festival

       <Sultan> (Director Ali Abbas Zafar) distribution

       <Dum Laga Ke Haisha> (Director Sharat Katariya) Film Festival Winner of 29 Parts

       <Dum Laga Ke Haisha> (Director Sharat Katariya) distribution